DfG Kit distribution in Dorokha, Samtse, Bhutan

We are delighted to share that READ Bhutan has distributed some kits to girls from Sengdey Lower Secondary School in Dorokha. The distribution was conducted by Ms Rinchen Choden from READ Bhutan. Many of the girls come from the Ihop (Doya), Rai and Ghalley indigenous communities of Bhutan and live in the Tading and Dophuchen villages of Dorokha, in Samtse. This is one of the more remote areas of Bhutan. This distribution came about though a conversation between Rinchen Choden and a colleague who is based in the area through her work with another NGO. It is wonderful to see the kits reach the hands of these girls and to know that Rinchen Choden was also able provide the essential education on mentrual health and hygiene that accompanies every kit distribution. Thank you to everyone who supports this project! Particularly READ Bhutan, the North Strathfield Days for Girls Australia team for providing this particular batch of kits and also to everyone who has supported our fundraising efforts.


Author: Nicole Plüss


One thought on “DfG Kit distribution in Dorokha, Samtse, Bhutan”

  1. This news is so exciting. The Strathfield volunteers that made the kits will be over the moon.

    Thanks so much Rinchen Choden and READ Bhutan.


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