Nicole Plüss

Nicole started her professional career as a lawyer,  before following her dream to be a writer. Nicole  has been writing full time for over 30 years in several genres and has novels published in Australia and internationally. Nicole has her writing to thank for her first  visit to Bhutan in 2005 on a literature residency supported by Asialink at the University of Melbourne and the Bhutanese Ministry of Education. Nicole first met Carolyn Hamer-Smith on this trip who was teaching at Druk school in Thimphu. Another literature residency followed in 2011 through the Australia Council. Nicole has led three study tours to Bhutan through the Asia Education Foundation for Australian Educators,  with the aim to increase  Asia literacy within the  Australian School Curriculum.  In 2010 she completed a PhD in creative writing from Macquarie Uni with the intention of one day teaching creative writing at tertiary level.  For several years Nicole ran a small social media enterprise through the Thimphu Tech Park.  Nicole has been a part of the  Bhutan Girls’ Project since inception and holds dear the dream of providing a kit to every Bhutanese girl.

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