The Bhutan Girls’ Project was started in 2015 with the aim of supporting Days for Girls in Bhutan.

We are excited to start a pilot project in Bhutan in partnership with RENEW and the Bhutanese Ministry of Education School Health and Nutrition Division.

We are grateful to our donors: dōTERRA Healing Hands Foundation and the Westpac Giving Circle for the generous funds to make this pilot possible.

Our pilot project is to provide 1,000 Days for Girls Washable Menstrual Health Kits (DfG Kit) to the Bhutanese Ministry of Education to be distributed to school girls in need in Bhutan. Monitoring and evaluation of the use of the kits by the girls will be undertaken by the Bhutanese Ministry of Education to assess their reception. Our hope is that the Pilot will be a success and that steps may be taken to establish a DfG Enterprise in Bhutan, so that kits may be made within Bhutan on a sustainable basis.

We have been working to support DfG in Bhutan since 2015 and we would like to acknowledge our gratitude to many people who have helped us on this journey. From the start, READ Bhutan supported this project through the distribution of donated kits to girls in need. Many of the photos displayed on this site are from the kit distributions undertaken by READ Bhutan. We are also grateful to a team of Bhutanese volunteers who worked with us to support DfG in Bhutan.

This site has been created to provide information about the pilot and regular updates on our progress. Please enter your email in the follow box in the side bar if you’d like to receive our updates by email.

Thank you for your interest and support!

The Bhutan Girls’ Project team.

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