Questions from the schoolgirls…

Rinchen Choden from READ Bhutan answering a question from one of the school girls at the Kit Distribution in Paro, Bhutan on 3 Nov 2018. Rinchen has conducted many Days for Girls kit distributions and her kind manner encourages the girls (even the very shy girls) to ask vital questions about their reproductive health. Rinchen reports that sometimes the girls and young nuns at her kit distributions have never before received reproductive health education.

These were some of the questions asked by the school girls yesterday:

1. Where does your period come from?

2. Is it unwanted blood from our body?

3. What food can you eat and drink while on your period?

4. What do you have to do when you are on your period?

5. How often do you have to change the sanitary napkins while on period?

6. When you bleed from your nose its okay but when you have your period people say its not okay and its dirty. Why is that?

7. Can you wash your hair with shampoo while on your period?

8. Can you bathe and drink tea and juice while on period?

9. Is it true that we need to wash ourselves with cold water when on period?

10. Where do babies come from?

11. Do we need to stay out of our house when we are on our period?

It is wonderful that Rinchen is able to provide this health education to dispel so many misconceptions about menstruation and empower the girls to manage their period so they can engage fully in their education. These girls are from years 7 and 8. Some girls from lower grades also attended as they were interested to learn.


Author: Nicole Plüss


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