Bhutanese volunteers support the Project!

Bhutanese volunteers for the Bhutan Girls’ Project met to complete packing kits donated from Days for Girls Australia. These kits were later delivered to READ Bhutan for distribution to school girls in some of the most remote villages in Bhutan.


Second batch of DfG Kits arrive in Bhutan, Nov 2016.

We are delighted to report that our second batch of DfG Kits has arrived in Thimphu. These kits were kindly transported through the generosity of Julie Weston and the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation. With the support of Queen Kesang Choden, Bhutan’s Royal Queen Grandmother, the ACCF has been providing vaccination for every eligible teenage girl in Bhutan since 2010. This is the same life-saving cervical cancer vaccine as is received by Australian school girls. In this photo we have Julie Weston together with members of the intrepid ACCF travelling party. We also have Sonam Zangmo and Mepham Zangmo, founding members of the Bhutanese volunteer team. Again, we’d like to thank the North Strathfield Days for Girls team for the hours of volunteer work to make these kits to seed our project and READ Bhutan for distributing them to the most deserving school girls in Bhutan. Well done everyone!

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